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There is nothing worse than a urinal or toilet
overflow during a busy day of business.  Check out
all our products that help prevent drain clogs!
Make sure your customers remember your
restaurant or place of business for all the right
reasons, not a smelly restroom!
You can contact us at any time at:   1-844-564-9216
Your Source for urinal screens, deodorizers, and mats!
We offer innovative odor control and air freshening products for urinals, toilets, and bathrooms.  In a world where anyone can leave a review on the internet
(which will last forever), it is critical that your business is remembered for all the right reasons... and not for a smelly bathroom!  All foodservice,
retail, and hospitality establishments can use these simple products to ensure their customers find a pleasant smelling bathroom.  These products also have
the added benefit of making your employees happier and more productive because nobody likes working in a stinky environment.

We want the world to know, any space can smell great. We create fresher spaces for happier, more productive people.  We test our products, the
competition and benchmark world class product and fragrance manufacturers.  We apply that knowledge to our business.  We learn from the world, so we
can freshen yours. 
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